Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More Monoprice MP Select mods

I just found this site:

If you have an MP Select printer, you should go check it out.

I updated both my LCD and motion firmware from that site this evening, it has already fixed some bugs (the biggest one was that gcode contained in SD card subdirectories didn't print correctly).

It also adds PID Autotune, which was BADLY needed, especially if you have replaced your hotend with an E3D as I have.  Follow the directions on that link, it's very straightforward.  However, it still doesn't seem to be nearly as good as my old RepRap was. It still varies by as much as 4 degrees.  The RepRap would go to temp and stay there for hours without budging. More experimentation upcoming. I'm probably doing something wrong.

There are also a bunch of great mods and ideas on the site, including a clip to reset the Z endstop height if you want to add a glass printbed. I could have used that, I just mangled the switch to do the same thing. I was thinking about designing a clip like that but it's nice that it's already done.

They have Slic3r, Simplify and Cura profile packs for the printer, 

I've also printed this knob, which is WONDERFUL compared to the junky knob it shipped with.

I just finished installing this lower profile E3D adapter. The original one which is widely touted starting on the Hackaday review is OK but offsets the printhead significantly, losing about a centimeter of print volume in the Y direction.  This still has some offset, but much less.

Also this fan shroud, which uses a 40mm fan and provides part cooling as well.

Here's the hotend and fan shroud as they are now:


Matthew Upp said...

While browsing my access logs I saw you linked to which brought me here to check this page out. I see you are not part of the "MP Select Mini Owners" Facebook group. This may be by choice but I wanted to mention it anyway.
This isn't meant to be a comment but I didn't see a way of contacting author.

John Ridley said...

Thanks. I've gone ahead and published so that the Facebook link is visible to others. I've personally stopped using Facebook, because it's a horrible place.

I've also changed my profile so that the email address is available. Thanks for pointing it out. Hopefully I won't now get the hell spammed out of me. Trust in Gmail filters :)

Matthew Upp said...

Facebook is indeed a horrible place. I reactivated my account after almost 7 years and I only use it for the Select Mini group.
Groups are not the best for searching but if anyone needs help with their Mini we are there to help.

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