Friday, January 1, 2016

TV wall bracket

I have the old family TV in the basement that I use when I don't feel like powering up the projector and turning out the lights and everything. It's just been sitting on a pile of boxes. I was going over to Harbor Freight to build a "go bag" of tools for working away from home, and noticed a TV wall bracket on sale for $18.

I picked one up and I like it.  It's rated to over 170 pounds. Seems completely fine to me if you don't need swivel.  It came with a good variety of hardware; screws of all the VESA standard sizes.  It's got some tilt adjustment and the metal is plenty thick and heavy, no sharp edges, well painted.  It has very forgiving bolt spacing, it should fit about anything, and the bracket is wide enough to span a 32" pair of studs, so even in my worst-case situation of a stud that's perfectly centered in my wall, I could still center the TV.

Here are some photos.

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