Monday, August 10, 2015

New laptop stuff

I got a new laptop, immediately updated to Windows 10. No big surprises, I've been running 10 since the tech preview came out months ago.

But the new laptop is a new experience for me. It's an Asus UX303LA Ultrabook. It's nice, small and light and I can use it for hours and it does not get hot on my lap.

Here's some stuff I've found out. I'll try to remember to update this post if I find out any more good items.

First, for Windows 10, I really suggest visiting this page for a first draft of junk to shut off:

I shut off adaptive brightness control too - I like a super bright display, but even if I didn't it seems like the display just dims and brightens again randomly and it's irritating.

Touchpad: The multitouch gestures turn out to be really important to comfortable navigation. Here are multitouch gestures I've learned:

  • Double touch/drag - scroll/pan
  • Double finger tap - right click
  • Triple finger drag down - show desktop (minimize all)
  • Triple finger drag up - show currently running apps in a selector view
  • Triple finger drag left/right - switch apps (same as alt-tab and shift-alt-tab)
  • (Aug 15 discovery) Triple tap = bring up Windows search
  • Quad tap = Windows action center

Go into add/remove programs and get rid of the junk - MS office, some other junk that takes up space.

One problem I've had is that many apps get freaked out by the resolution of this computer - 3200 x 1800. Arduino came up with a full window about the size of my thumb. As a Windows programmer I know what they did wrong, it's an easy compromise to make and hopefully they didn't pepper hundreds of that shortcut all over the code.

Now that I'm sure I'll be keeping it, I have some stuff ordered - a mini Displayport adapter in case I need to hook to a projector or something, a USB to ethernet adapter (so I don't have to use the flaky wifi at work), a protective sleeve, etc.

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