Saturday, June 27, 2015

New printer on its way

I've been keeping an eye on the 3D printers showing up on eBay out of China. The prices have been extremely good, but anyone who has done DIY 3D printers knows that it would be easy to cut corners that would result in a very frustrating printer.

I finally saw one I liked for a ridiculously good price, and I ordered it up this past week.  Should be here next week.

I plan to do a pretty full review, trying to keep in mind how a person with no experience would do with it, which I guess means just following directions and using their software.

I fully plan to almost certainly just toss their software and whatever else, and use my existing toolchain, but for the sake of the review I think I will stick to what's in the box at first.

Then maybe I'll do suggestions.

FWIW this printer seems to be pretty much a clone of the Makerbot Replicator 2. A couple of years ago I'd have been outraged and would never do business with them for having ripped off a good member of the open hardware community, but Makerbot has burned every bridge they had, and I can't be arsed to give a shit who's ripping them off at this point.

Mean time, I've made plans to repurpose my current i3 as an experimental platform, and have sold off all the 3mm filament I have sitting around.

So anyway, watch this space, this will probably be at least 2, maybe more articles.  The first one will be unboxing up through first print. It MIGHT be next weekend, maybe a little later.

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