Wednesday, April 30, 2014

$10 wireless phone charger

My Nexus 5 came with wireless charging built in but the chargers are expensive. A trip to eBay scored a circuit board ready to go which charges the phone, but it's a bare board.  I designed a printed case that encloses the board nicely.

The board has red and blue charging lights, but I find them way too bright and they're kind of pointless since the phone will tell you if it's charging, so I didn't bother making a way for them to shine outside the case.

The board design is up at youmagine :

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blinkie boards ordered

I put together a second copy of the prototype RGB blinkie this evening, this one with the AA and boost converter.  I had to bodge on a capacitor on the back to make it boot cleanly every time, so I modified the design slightly, besides increasing the via diameters a bit and adding my logo to both boards.

I got the boards ordered from Elecrow, I've never used them before but EEVBlog forum members have had good luck, and it was $150 less than PCBCart that I've used before.  The price difference is mainly due to free shipping on orders over $300.

I need these ready to rock first weekend in June, so I was running out of time. I have to get parts ordered too.

FWIW run time on the coin cell one is over 3 hours - at 3 hours brightness is down but it's still running well, I haven't had time to run it flat yet.  The AA powered one I'm expecting 10+ hours but I need to test it to be sure.  I won't order the parts until I have run times down - if the AA powered one doesn't do a LOT better people won't want to spend $8 for the upgrade.  I also have the holes in place for a AAA option, but battery holders for AAA cells are harder to find at good prices than for AA cells.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Saturday DIY

Project for Saturday: erect a small plastic shed.  Lesson learned: make sure the bed that the shed sits on is a couple of inches higher than grade, or the doors won't open.  We had to lift the shed and slide it off, then raise the bed and move it back.  Still need to add some fill up to the gravel to keep it from subsiding and to make it reasonable to mow up to the thing.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

16 LED 2014 blinkie prototype

I got the boards from OSHPark late last week and put one of the prototypes together today.  It looks good.  I need to do runtime tests to make sure everything is viable then get the boards ordered from PCBCart.  Cutting it a little close this year.

This is the prototype version of the breadboarded circuit posted before entitled "16 RGB blinkie take 2"

New printer: JGAurora A3

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