Saturday, August 9, 2014

Impromptu insect duster

I discovered a ground wasp nest the hard way while mowing today.  So tonight after they stop swarming around and go to sleep I need to deliver some insecticide dust to them but I don't have a duster.

But I do have an empty peanut butter jar, some thin plastic hose, an automotive valve stem (one out of an old bicycle tube would work fine too) and a bicycle pump.

I used a taper drill bit to get to the right size for both of these, you want a tight fit so take it slow.

Put the powder of choice in there, wait until night when the bugs are settled down, use the pump to blow the dust though the pipe and into the nest.

I've used this method before for various nests. When it was a large nest in the attic, I built a duster out of 4" and 1" PVC with reducers and used an air compressor with a blow gun nozzle on it to completely flood that part of the attic.  In that case I used diatomacious earth so that I wouldn't be pushing toxins into my house. When I need to go for a quicker kill I'll use Sevin dust, and boric acid (Roach Prufe) works well too.

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