Friday, June 6, 2014

16 LED RGB blinkie

This blinkie was introduced at Duckon 2014 as the premium blinkie

This blinkie kit is available for purchase. Email for details. Price is $15 plus shipping. Quantity and educational discounts are available.

Bill of materials:

  • circuit board
  • power (slide) switch
  • two pushbutton switches
  • 16 RGB color LEDs
  • ATTiny84 microncontroller
  • 74LS164 shift register
  • Two IC sockets
  • 1.5 to 5v power converter module
  • capacitor (maybe, depends on which power converter module is used)
  • AA battery holder
  • 3D printed rear cover (keeps the wires from snagging your clothes, keeps metal buttons and such from shorting out and crashing the blinkie)

Click to view assembly instructions (PDF)

Video assembly instructions:


More information:

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