Sunday, May 25, 2014

Countdown to Duckon

I'm finishing up the last few things I need to get ready before I head out to run the Blinkies room at Duckon. Today I wrote a few more patterns for the free blinkie and programmed all 100 chips.  The kits are all packaged already, and the assembly instructions are written complete with very good photos thanks to the new USB microscope that I bought.  I still need to print out a couple dozen of each instructions, and I need to build some blinkies for GoH gifts.

Actually I programmed them twice because I forgot to set the default startup pattern to "rotate all patterns" the first time.

Luckily I have a new programmer, the MiniPro TL-866.  It is pretty fast, though I'm only programming 4K into flash so it doesn't make that much difference.

I was thinking as I was using this, pretty much all of the pins on this programmer can be set to do anything, so it's likely that with the right software, you could load 4 or 5 chips into it and program them all at once, or at least sequentially.  Then I saw the "multi program" button.  But no joy, apparently that's just to use multiple MiniPros at once.

I will probably not burn the chips for the big blinkie until next weekend.  I did write a few new patterns for it yesterday, but I'd like to put in more.  I'm just running out of ideas.

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