Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bike wrecked and fixed

This past Tuesday I had a two-stage accident with my road bike that left me with a bit of road rash, and the bike a lot worse off. The derailleur got ripped off the frame and destroyed, the derailleur hanger was twisted and broken, a bunch of spokes got mangled and the chain got twisted.  The left brake hood is scraped up and the bar was twisted to the left but that's not anything to worry about.

Today (Saturday) the parts I needed (rear derailleur and spokes) arrived.  Combined with the derailleur hanger and new tire that I already had on hand, the rear wheel is rebuilt and the derailleur is mounted, adjusted and shifting again.  I actually just unbent the chain.  It seems like it's doing OK.  If it causes me any trouble I have a new chain to put on it too.

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