Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blinkie boards ordered

I put together a second copy of the prototype RGB blinkie this evening, this one with the AA and boost converter.  I had to bodge on a capacitor on the back to make it boot cleanly every time, so I modified the design slightly, besides increasing the via diameters a bit and adding my logo to both boards.

I got the boards ordered from Elecrow, I've never used them before but EEVBlog forum members have had good luck, and it was $150 less than PCBCart that I've used before.  The price difference is mainly due to free shipping on orders over $300.

I need these ready to rock first weekend in June, so I was running out of time. I have to get parts ordered too.

FWIW run time on the coin cell one is over 3 hours - at 3 hours brightness is down but it's still running well, I haven't had time to run it flat yet.  The AA powered one I'm expecting 10+ hours but I need to test it to be sure.  I won't order the parts until I have run times down - if the AA powered one doesn't do a LOT better people won't want to spend $8 for the upgrade.  I also have the holes in place for a AAA option, but battery holders for AAA cells are harder to find at good prices than for AA cells.

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