Monday, March 10, 2014

Phone screen replacement: Nexus S D720

One of the phones in our house got dropped a few days ago and the screen broke. It's a Samsung Nexus S.

I picked up a "hard bricked" Nexus S on eBay for $25 and swapped mainboards.  Back up and running, no problem, about 20 minutes to do the swap including putting the now doubly-broken phone back together. 6 screws and some prying on the case get you into the back, three more screws and some popped connectors get the mainboard off.  Very easy replacement.

If you have a broken screen on a device, check YouTube for disassembly or screen replacement on the device model and you'll see exactly how hard it is to do and you can judge if it's something you can do yourself.  I did an iPhone 4 last year and it was a chrome-plated pain in the butt. I did a Samsung Galaxy SII a few months ago and it was super easy.  This Nexus S was a little harder but nowhere near the iPhone.

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