Saturday, March 22, 2014

Having the right tool

I did a couple of quick plumbing jobs today and the value of having the right tool really was apparent.  The weird yellow thing on top is a thing you shove down a drain and it snags whatever's down there clogging things up.  If your tolerance for "yuck" is high, it will clear a drain in about 5 seconds.  If your tolerance is not high, you probably don't want to clear a drain anyway.

The bottom thing is a core puller for Moen faucets.  Last year I replaced a core on the kitchen faucet without a puller, it took me about 90 minutes and I wound up basically recreating a crude puller out of threaded rod and random tools, a block of wood and a pry bar.  This time I spent $12 and pulled the core out in about 2 minutes.  This one was more stubborn than the last and I'm pretty sure I would never have been able to get it out without the right tool.  As a result the house water was only off for about 10 minutes.

Get the right tool, you'll save time and possibly money.


Karl Loeffler said...

Yep...know both. I've also got a 25' snake that I've had to use on plumbing don't want to know what THAT looked like coming out (about 20 pounds worth total). That was in the house I grew up in.

In my house I've started doing a ritual of: Filling the shower/tub/sink, etc with the hotest water I can and sending it down the drain (for our shower stall I use a drain cover to hold back the hot water). I refill the basin and do this two or three times. Then I do it one or two more times, but I have a plunger. OMFG the crap you pull out of a drain this way. I also have an enzymatic drain cleaner I use about once every 3 months. Never had a clog drain yet. (Knock on wood).

John Ridley said...

We've been in this house close to 20 years. I don't do squat. About 4 times total now I've pulled a hair clog out of a trap.

My biggest problem has been the traps under the kitchen sink. That kept causing me trouble until I ripped out what the contractor put in and put in a different system that I came up with. Also used silicone instead of plumber's putty, the latter would leak after about a year, every time. The silicone has been there for 5 years now with no problem.

Traci Romero said...

I’ve used a tool like the yellow thing before. Great for clearing hair out shower and sink drains, much better than any of those chemical cleaners that you can get at hardware stores. It’s almost like a small drain snake, and doesn’t take that much elbow grease to work properly.

Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing