Sunday, December 1, 2013

Broken spoke

I guess it's official, Giant has no idea how to build wheels.

This is on my Giant Seek 0 (2014), which I like pretty well otherwise.

270 miles, 2nd broken spoke.  I don't know how long ago it broke, I was just doing my pre-work week mechanical check and found it.

(viewing from the drive side, proceeding clockwise from the valve)
The first broken spoke was #12
The second broken spoke is #8
both drive side, of course.  Not a big deal with an IGH, there's just a plastic ring that snaps off to get spokes in and out.

My previous Giant bike broke 12 spokes in about 1200 miles, at which point I gave up and bought a double walled rim and some butted Wheelsmith spokes and built my own rear wheel.  That was my first ever wheel build and it ran for 15,000 miles without even going out of true a millimeter.

Given this experience, when the first spoke broke on the new Giant, I just bought a whole 50 pack assuming that I was going to need them.

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