Monday, March 11, 2013

New thing: bike battery case

Wow, I really spent some time on this one (about 6 hours).  I'm pretty happy with it though and I hope it helps some people.  I've wanted to do this one for several weeks now and I was home sick today so...

One thing that's particularly cool about this is the new function that I used in OpenSCAD, "minkowski".  To create the basic case, first I modeled the battery to fit inside it, then I just used minkowski with that and a 3mm sphere, which created an object 3mm on all sides larger than the battery, with rounded corners.  Then I subtracted out the battery model to hollow out the case.  The other junk, the strain relief, velcro strap holder and screw holes and the alignment rails were added.

Once I had the whole object created as a single unit, I subtracted out a cube near the top to create the main body without the lid, then subtracted THAT from the whole thing again to create just the lid.

Thing 60776, Bike light LiIon battery pack holder

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