Monday, March 4, 2013

Nano surgery

Last weekend I blew out a couple of Arduino Nanos while working on a project.  At first I tossed them in the trash, but then I thought better of it.  I ordered a few ATMega328 in the QFP package and was successful in fixing the nanos at a cost of about $3.50 each and about 10 minutes.
First, I put the board on a firm surface and used a box cutter knife to cut the leads close to the package (since I don't have a hot air rework station yet):

 This is the result
Then I used solder wick to clean up the excess solder, put a little liquid flux on the pins and pads with a flux pen, placed the chip on and drag soldered it down.

Finally, once the chip was in place, I soldered the 6 pin ICSP header in, connected it to another Arduino programmed to act as an ICSP programmer, and used the Arduino environment to burn the Arduino bootloader onto the new chip.

It works just fine.

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