Thursday, December 27, 2012

One way to fail (3D printing)

I’m printing some fairly small ducks (20mm high) and the heads were printing all blobby.  Turns out I had entered the filament size a bit too small, 2.83mm instead of 2.95.
On larger items, I have not found filament size to be all that critical, but as you can see from this print (corrected value on right) on small items (or probably detail) it can be quite important to get it right.  As you can see the bottom bits are pretty much OK (there is some trouble) but it really falls apart higher up.  What you can’t see is that those are the areas where Slic3r decided to start using 100% fill due to the very small size.  At 100% fill if you overfill, it blobs out the side.
Also, I think the smaller the nozzle diameter, the more important it is. I do not know why this is, but when I printed with the same filament and the same (wrong) diameter entered on my printer with a 0.5mm nozzle rather than 0.35, the print is actually pretty decent anyway. I will have to try the right values with the 0.5mm nozzle later.  I imagine that the 0.35mm nozzle will produce better detail, but the 0.5 is more forgiving and the detail level is close even with the wrong values, so I’m not sure the difference is that big.

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