Saturday, November 24, 2012

Neat and tidy networking

Though it may not be apparent by looking at the state of my lab and other areas, I do like it when things are organized. A while back we had a satellite installer that needed access to our internet equipment, and I had to show him to the area in a storage room where a huge tangled pile of cables, power strips, wall warts and boxes sat in a jumble.
I resolved to do something about it, and this is the result. A piece of OSB/plywood cut to fit between two floor joists, two pieces of wood alongside with screw eyes in the end which, along with a pair of drywall screws serve as a hinge, and a latch to hold the whole thing up in the ceiling when access is not needed. Everything is either screwed down or zip tied. In the case of items that have those slide-lock screw holes, after being slid into the locked position a drywall screw is driven in next to them to keep them from moving.  All the cables run up and are zip tied through the pivot point so they don’t tangle.
Just recently another installer needed access, and he was very surprised when I flipped the latch and dropped this out of the ceiling. He thought it was pretty darned nice.

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