Saturday, September 8, 2012

Neat stuff for the electronics tinkerer

I’m posting this not specifically for these parts, neat as they are, but rather to illustrate how many helpful parts are now available for ridiculously low prices (the AC socket/fuse/switch assembly is $2.99 SHIPPED (!)) to anyone with access to eBay.  Just knowing this stuff exists is useful, having them in the box when you are building is great. I spend probably $50 a month just buying a few random things like these so that I have them on hand when I need them, but it’s important to know what exists first.  I’ve gotten to the point where when I see something novel/useful like this on eBay, I just buy a few.  Having parts available for just a few dollars each is dangerous :)
Browsing eBay is as much fun as browsing the hardware store.  I also recommend poking around the car stereo / car modifications / electrical section of auto parts stores – they have good switches that are generally easy to mount with just a screw hole.
BTW the coaxial power connector is also available in male.  Apparently they’re used in CCTV security camera installations.  The AC socket assembly is available with snap fit rather than screw mount ears.  I bought both kinds :)

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