Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday stuff

I finished printing a spare parts kit today.  If history is any guide, someone will come along and want to buy one any minute now.
I finally gave up on that bad ABS – it clogged a nozzle a few days ago, I baked it again, but it clogged again today.  I give up, it’s in the trash and I’ve broken out the 5# spool of black ABS I got from UltiMachine and fed it into a freshly-cleaned nozzle.
I also discovered/remembered when I opened the UltiMachine box that I ordered three optical endstops to experiment with.  I soldered one of them up, then had to redesign the endstop holder a bit to be able to hold them since they use a 19.5mm hole spacing.  So henceforth my endstop holders will have both 10 and 19.5mm holes.
I also did a bunch of cleaning up in the lab, and decided to bag up my spools.  I don’t have dessicant for them yet, but I discovered that two full spools in the orange wire spools will fit in a Ziplock XL bag.
I also ordered an SDSL card reader for the Sanguinololu electronics. I had to go to a UK seller on eBay to get one, but shipping is actually less from the UK than from most US sellers ($3). This will allow me to disconnect my computer once I start a print, and possibly to mount a hostless control panel eventually.

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