Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Slic3r – check it out

I’ve mentioned it on G+ and elsewhere, but not here yet:
Slic3r is a new, fully rewritten, well structured gcode generator for RepRap printers.  The author has made tremendous progress in the last 2 months, and after checking out the latest version, I’m sending him some money and I’m replacing Skeinforge with Slic3r as my default gcode generator.
It’s clean, it doesn’t have leftover crap for dealing with equipment that nobody uses anymore (DC extruders, etc), it’s fast and it generates nice, fast GCode that follows more logical paths than what I get out of Skeinforge, and the resulting prints look better.
I gave it the acid test this evening; a Greg’s hinged accessible extruder.  It did wonderfully, in fact, I think better than Skeinforge.  The bridging detection is great; it localizes solid layers to only the areas necessary to support bridging and voids, rather than making a full solid layer as Skeinforge does.  This is up from really not even detecting bridging to speak of just a few weeks ago; the author is clearly putting a ton of time into this project.
Written in Perl, works under Windows/Mac/Linux.

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