Monday, December 12, 2011

Nozzle clogs

I’m having a lot of nozzle clogs. I think it’s this ABS plastic. Over the weekend after clogging both my original MakerGear and the new JHead, I put on a brand new shiny MakerGear nozzle. It printed for about 6 hours, then this morning it clogged too. There’s got to be something in the plastic; perhaps some foreign substance or the plastic isn’t blended well.
When it clogs, it goes from having the filament drop straight down from the nozzle to having it spiral into weird, deformed curls, and I have to press like hell to get anything to come out.  I’ve tried pushing the temp to 270 and it still doesn’t clear.  The propane torch clears it but I have to tear the hotend down for that.
I’ll keep using it but it’s frustrating. I shouldn’t really have to keep spare hotends on the shelf in order to keep printing.
I’m getting good at cleaning nozzles.
I’m probably not buying plastic from this supplier anymore unless another cause for this problem turns up. I don’t think I had a single clog with UltiMachine plastic. This ABS was a “good deal” but not when I factor in that I’ll spend 10 hours cleaning nozzles before I use it all up.

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