Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I was completely wrong, multiple times

I stopped by the hardware store on the way home and bought a course thread M10 tap to try my hand at making a more aggressive hobbed bolt.
I came back from the garage with a passable (not great) effort and after careful cleaning, installed it.  Then while putting the filament back in, I realized that the extruder idler was broken at the hinge.  Dur.  I put in a new idler, put the old hobbed bolt in, and it’s running like a champ now.
Honestly, this is probably the reason with the trouble I had with the J-Head last weekend.  I will install the J-head in the new printer and see how it goes.
The upside to this is that I came across the idea (which I should have thought of myself) of using nylock nuts on the extruder gear rather than wedging two nuts together, which is difficult to do with one of them halfway into a nut trap.
Also all the parts I’ve printed for friends were done since I switched to 0.25mm layer height and they’re much stronger than the old one I had in my machine, printed at 0.33mm layer height (though it takes a lot longer to print things at that height)

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