Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Building a Prusa i3 printer - Pictorial parts list

Y axis corners
download stl
Y axis to box frame connectors
download stl

Linear bearing holders
download stl

Z axis motor and smooth rod mounts
download stl

Wire guides
download STL

X carriage
download STL

X end (motor), X end (idler) and idler holder
download STL

Extruder gears
Small gear STL
Large gear STL

Y axis belt holder
download STL

Power supply brackets
PS bracket STL
short PS bracket STL

Power switch bracket
download STL

Y drive - idler and motor mount
download stl

Extruder idler, body and spacer
extruder STL
spacer STL

LCD control panel case and knob
NOTE: obsolete, see this newer design
panel STL

3/16" ID vinyl hose

Endstop holders - hall (Z), compact (X) and classic (Y)
Classic STL
Compact STL
Hall STL

John's tactile switch Z stop for i3
Download STL

Zip tie anchors

AC power input, fuse and switch module

RAMPS electronics mount plate
(no longer used, just screw the board directly to the wood)

Endstops - Hall (Z axis, with magnet) X and Y axes

Extruder spring (6-32 screw for scale)

Hobbed bolt and nylock nut

608 bearings (bolt for scale)

40mm fan for hotend cooling

40mm fan bracket
fan mount STL

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trustfm said...

Great parts selection.
I have used them at mine tutorials at trustfm dot net.
I have also made three wooden i3 printers.

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